Dental is the most commonly sought treatment in Central American countries, and Honduras is no exception. Whether you are looking for treatment or a cosmetic makeover of your teeth, Honduras has a full range of procedures.

Research has established that dental treatment is not just about getting rid of the painful tooth or the cosmetic look, but if dental problems are treated in a timely manner they can add several years to your life, in some cases dental treatment can even be life-saving.

Clinical studies have shown the connection between dental diseases, gum problems and increased mortality due to cardiovascular events. Similarly, timely treated dental problem can help to better control diabetes. Good dental health has also been shown to be beneficial in decreasing joint pains. Inflammation of gums is a risk factor for osteoporosis. In a nutshell, there are many more benefits of good dental health than most people think.


In many countries, dental care can be expensive, especially if you are looking for extensive dental repair or cosmetic work. In Honduras, it will be several times less than the USA (up to 80% cheaper). The cost is really important, but also consider the fact that in many developed nations like USA the majority of the people cannot claim insurance for dental procedures, except for some small dental work.

More importantly, if you choose wisely, you won't be compromising on quality. The vast majority of dentists working in Honduras have completed their education and been certified by respectable institutions, many of them have experience working internationally.


You should share your medical history in detail, don’t forget to take with you details of any medical investigations done earlier. Stress caused by dental procedure may be bad for your heart, asthma or other medical conditions, if you are suffering from any such condition do share that information. Your treating doctor must also know about drug allergies and your immune status. If you had an organ transplant or are taking some immune-suppressing drug than antibiotic cover may be needed to protect you from infectious complications.

Also important to understand that some dental procedures may need more time than a day or two, whereas some dental procedures need an interval in between. It is better to clarify these things before traveling.


Some of our services available in Honduras with Medical Tourism Honduras;
• Dental Bridges
• Dental Crowns
• Dental Implants
• Dental Veneers
• Dentures
• Full-Mouth Dental Reconstruction
• Root Canal
• Smile Makeover
• Teeth Whitening
And lots more


If you are planning to use our services we can assist you with hotel reservations, excursion planning, domestic flights and airport transfers or drivers / vehicles.